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Water, wind, biomass and the sun. Our production sources.

Ibereólica Group development has matched the pace of increased production efficiency achieved by the different technologies. We started out by harnessing the power of water in our hydroelectric plants, at that time the greenest electrical power generation source around.

However, our most significant growth has been brought about by harnessing wind power. We have a large number of facilities operating at full yield today, which have made us one of the largest producers worldwide

Now we are looking at the sun. Advances in solar thermal electricity production technology have enabled us to take on new projects using this technology. We are currently world leaders in developing solar thermal power plants with cylinder-parabolic collector technology.

Solar thermal technology requires a higher initial outlay but this is offset by the power it provides being easier to manage, which makes it the best option currently available for countries which receive high levels of solar radiation.

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