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WIND FARM IN LUBIÁN, ZAMORA PPower production matching average annual consumption of 78,000 families. 356 MW total power installed, 1080 million euros invested.

Pioneers in changing the energy model
Our focus: achieving sustainable development
through renewable energy sources


Our energy commitment

Water, wind, the sun, biomass, waves and tides are the Earth?s natural energy flows. Ibereólica Group specialises in transforming these flows, known as renewable energy sources, into electrical power.

For more than 17 years, we at Ibereólica Group have believed in making use of the natural energy provided by the sun, the water and wind as inexhaustible sources for generating electrical power.

Today that commitment is a reality; thousands of households and businesses cover their power requirements using green electricity.

At Ibereólica Group we are taking on the challenge of increasing renewable energy production, researching ways to make our technologies more efficient and looking for the best locations for building new facilities.

Our figures
Investment Made and Investment Committed
(in millions of euros)
Cifras de Inversión Comprometida
Investment in the Future

Ibereólica Groupcontinues to invest heavily in new projects. Our solid track record allows us to commit to investing 1480 million euros by 2013.

Our solvency is endorsed by significant annual growth provided by regular income from sales of the power we generate. Incomes from power sales in 2013 were higher than 100 millon euros.

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